PNG Korofeigu Oragnic | 200 гр.

PNG Korofeigu Oragnic | 200 гр.

24.40 лв.

ПРОИЗХОД: Papua New Guinea

РЕГИОН: Bena, Eastern Highlands

ФЕРМА: Misc farms

СОРТ: Arusha, Blue Mountain

ВИСОЧИНА: 1900 м.

ПРОЦЕС: Washed

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The Korofeigu Farmer’s Cooperative Society is located in the Bena Bena Valley of the Eastern Highlands, between Goroka to the west and Henganofi to the east. The coop—which may be a cooperative in name and practice, though not as an officially registered entity, which is common in the region—is comprised of 97 producers (some of whom are seen above, near a nursery) who farm an area of 112 hectares. The mountainous and moist cultivation area has loamy soil and a variety of native shade trees. Annual production is around 1.6 containers.

From these small plantings in and around Korofeigu, coffee has become the most important commodity. Today, it is Papua New Guinea’s most important agricultural crop, directly or indirectly providing the major source of income for a third of the country’s population.

This coffee is the product of a initiative program, which helped the farmers obtain their Organic Certification and also provides extensive work on HIV/AIDS prevention, financial management, gender equality awareness, coffee husbandry and certification standards and procedures.

Cup notes: Caramel, citrus, cranberry; tropical, savory