Mexico Muxbal | 200 гр.

Mexico Muxbal | 200 гр.

19.80 лв.

Произход: Мексико

Регион: Unión Juárez, Chiapas

Ферма: Finca Muxbal

Сорт: Caturra, Catuai

Височина: 1500 м.

Процес: Washed

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turkish pot
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The name “Muxbal” means “place surrounded by clouds” in the Mayan Mam dialect. The farm is in hands of the Rodriguez–Luethje Family since 1959. Muxbal recognises that it is only with enough beneficial sun that they will get the optimum quantity and quality of the beans. It is only with educated and well prepared staff that all things work smoothely, from the picking of the ripe cherries with up to 350 workers, to the proper wet and dry process and many other activities required on the farm. Besides the housing and sanitary facilities, there are a school, childcare nursery and a medical facility on the farm. Finca Muxbal is RFA certified, meaning it was produced following sustainable ecological and socioeconomic criterias. When walking through the plantation, always guarded by the mighty volcano on one side, it is easy to perceive that the same care given to the people working there is also afforded to the coffee plants.


CUPPING NOTES: Chocolate, balanced, with a medium body, pleasant acidity, choclatly aftertaste