Mexico Altura SHG | 200 гр.

Mexico Altura SHG | 200 гр.

22.50 лв.


РЕГИОН: Chiapas

ФЕРМА: Several small holders

СОРТ: Typica, Caturra, Catuai

ВИСОЧИНА: 1600 м.

ПРОЦЕС: Washed

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turkish pot
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Altura (SHG) is a regional blend from Chiapas, one of Mexico’s largest and oldest coffee-producing areas, with some farms dating back a century. Chiapas benefits from the humidity of the Pacific to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the east. Combined with the slopes of the Sierra Madres, which divide the state and reach up to 1,600 meters near the border with Guatemala, countless microclimates are created, cultivating a distinctive cup quality. Coffees in Chiapas are generally produced by smallholders, usually in association with cooperatives. Most producers hand-pulp their coffees, ferment the beans in small tanks and rake and dry them on small patios on their properties…

Coffee first arrived in Mexico in the late 1700s, introduced by Spanish settlers. These days the county produces quite a lot of coffee, though its place as a producer of coffee on a global scale has been significantly diminished due to the entry of untraditional Arabica producers on the scene and, in particular, due to crop losses due to coffee leaf rust. Although the country is one of the foremost exporters of certified coffee (both organic and fair trade), the specialty market for quality is yet to make significant inroads here. This is not because Mexico lacks potential for producing quality lots: the country boasts a huge number of growing regions with agreeable altitudes and climates, as well as hundreds of thousands of experienced, well-established small scale farmers. With more than 600 thousand hectares in 12 states under primarily Arabica coffee production, Mexico has great untapped potential for the production of specialty lots.