Kenya Dormans | 200 гр.

Kenya Dormans | 200 гр.

20.60 лв.

Произход: Кения

Регион: Eastern, Central and Western parts of Kenya

Ферма: Small holders

Сорт: SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11 & Batian

Височина: 1700-2200 м.

Процес: Double Fermentation

turkish pot
turkish pot
french press
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AA FAQ is a blend of coffees carefully chosen for their cup profile from Eastern, Central and Western parts of Kenya. In those region Kenya there over 500,000 coffee farmers who deliver their coffee cherries to factories within the farmers’ cooperative societies for coffee processing. Kenya has two crops; main crop and fly crop. The main crop is harvested from the month of September to December while the fly (early) crop is harvested during the month of May to July every year. This blend is from the main crop. Rainfall is fairly reliable, falling in two seasons, one from early March to May (the long rains) and a second during October and November (the short rains).

CUPPING NOTES: Orange peel, lemonade, floral, berry