Ecuador Finca Potrerillos | 200 гр.

Ecuador Finca Potrerillos | 200 гр.

33.30 лв.


РЕГИОН: Gonzanama, loja

ФЕРМА: Finca Potrerillos

СОРТ: Red Bourbon

ВИСОЧИНА: 1000-1800 м.

ПРОЦЕС: Washed

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turkish pot
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Coffee has been grown on the Potrerillos farm for more than 70 years, according to Jose, his grandfather was passionate about coffee and his knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. Jose’s father inherited the farm from his grandfather and currently Jose is the only one of his 9 brothers, who opted to continue with the coffee tradition, since all his brothers left the field and went to live in the city. Jose is passionate about coffee just like his grandfather, and he is always trying to make new processes in order to improve quality. José has been constantly participating in the main specialty coffee competitions at the national level, in 2018 he reached third place in the “Taza Dorada” contest.

Τhe growing region is Gonzanama located at Loja Province, at the south of Ecuador; the agroclimatic conditions of this region, added to the dedication that the peasant families give to the cultivation of coffee; have forged a high quality product, whose fame and reputation has been recognized nationally and even internationally. Coffee for the province of Loja is one of the main generators of income and employment, especially in rural areas.

CUPPING NOTES: Milk choco, mulberries, mature stone fruits, light citric acidity