Costa Rica Tarrazu | 200гр.

Costa Rica Tarrazu | 200гр.

17.40 лв.

Произход: Коста Рика

Регион: Tarrazu

Сорт: Caturra. Catuai

Височина: 1300-1900 м.

Процес: Washed, European Prep

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The coffee plantations in Costa Rica began in the last decade of the 18th century. Correctly pronounced „Tar-ah-zoo“,“, the Tarrazú growing region of Costa Rica is known locally as „Los Santos“ because of its cantons (similar to towns) that are named after various saints. About a two-hour drive from San Jose, Tarrazú is filled with roads and coffee plantations that wind around the mountainside. A year in Tarrazú is split into two well-defined seasons, rainy and dry. The rainy season lasts for seven months (May to November), during which time coffee plants are growing; the dry season is from December to April. Harvest time is a five-month period from November to March that coincides nicely with dry season. This well-defined climate pattern is ideal for growing coffee and results in high-quality coffee cherries that are uniform in ripeness.


CUPPING NOTES: Flavor of dark chocolate and citrus fruits, with creamy body