Colombia SUPREMO | 200 гр.

Colombia SUPREMO | 200 гр.

15.80 лв.

Произход: Colombia

Регион: Popayan, Sierra Nevadas

Ферма: Various Cooperative Members

Сорт: Caturra, Typica

Височина: 1800 м.

Процес: Washed

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The city of Popayán is the capital of the state of Cauca, in the southern half of Colombia. The surrounding coffee region is on the plateau where the Andes mountain range reaches southern Colombia from Ecuador. The Cauca and Popayan plateau is at an average of 1,600 meters above sea level and includes the neighboring Purace volcano, which has over time has produced the region’s rich soil.

Coffee farms in the region are mostly of less than 5 hectares, and there are also several indigenous groups that have been growing coffee for several decades.All cherries are handpicked and then pulped and washed on the farms. The dry parchment is then sold to a dry mill that arranges the selection and export.

CUPPING NOTES: Balanced acidity, nice hazelnut, toasted caramel aroma, full bodied, chocolate flavor