Colombia Inga Ponte | 200 гр.

Colombia Inga Ponte | 200 гр.

24.90 лв.

ПРОИЗХОД: Colombia

РЕГИОН: Nariño, Tablón de Gómez

ФЕРМА: Inga Ponte

СОРТ: Caturra (excelso)

ВИСОЧИНА: 2000 м.

ПРОЦЕС: Washed

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The Inga community of Aponte is comprised of descendants of the ancient, pre-hispanic Incas. During the period of conquest, they remained isolated high in the mountains that became their natural refuge. Eventually the governor of this ethnic group started promoting coffee production among community members and despite serious difficulties (mainly due to low income from coffee crops) they have stuck to the Caturra coffee varietal characterized by sweetness and transparency of flavors found in remarkable Colombian coffees.

This strictly high-grown 100% Caturra coffee has a lot of potential to develop in the future and is a clear example of the positive impact that coffee may bring to rural areas in Colombia. Producers process coffee on their own properties, drying Honey coffee in stacked raised bed solar dryers on their farms. This process reduces water used for washing coffee and complements the natural complexity of coffees from this special region. The soils in the Nariño Coffee Region are made up mainly of volcanic ash. The geographical location of Nariño, its wind patterns and deep valleys influence the average temperatures and thermal range that the coffee trees are subjected to, which are relatively lower than those in most other parts of the Colombian coffee producing areas. As is the case with grapes and wine, low temperatures cause longer periods of development and ripening of the coffee cherry. These unique conditions lead to higher sugar content which favors the sweet flavor of the drink when the beans are roasted.

CUPPING NOTES: Ripe plums, sugarcane, red fruits, very sweet flavor, bright and vinous acidity